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Are Google Reader shared items the new

Since its debut in 2004, has been the market standard for social bookmarks.  Its reputation was further enhanced in late 2005 when it was acquired by Yahoo!.  Social bookmarking was going places.  It wasn’t that long ago that every … Continue reading

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Why internet TV is failing and torrents are winning

I understand that content owners have licensing agreements around the world and feel that they can’t open up television programs globally to protect the financial investment of various regional licensees. However, content owners, you need to understand that if you … Continue reading

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Trent Reznor does it again

I’ve got a guest post up at (the blog of Grand Effect and ReadWriteWeb writer Sarah Perez) on the new Nine Inch Nails release The Slip and how Trent Reznor continues to lead the way in ‘music 2.0’. Over … Continue reading

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Data Portability: do normal people even care?

Data portability is the idea that individuals have control over their data online and can determine how they and others can use that data (if at all). Some examples of what data portability could be include: your profile ‘auto-filling’ when … Continue reading

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Has Radiohead missed the point?

Radiohead has once again hit the headlines with an ‘innovative’ new media way of promoting the band and the music. They have broken down their latest single ‘Nude’ into 5 stems (vocal, guitar, bass, drums, the rest) and made each … Continue reading

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Mobbing the echo chamber

Two issues dominated the tech blogosphere this week: Jason Calacanis dared to suggest that people working for a startup might need a different work ethic to someone punching in 9-5; and Business journalist Sarah Lacy apparently bombed an interview with … Continue reading

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Why Nine Inch Nails is NOT the future model of music

Trent Reznor, the creative force behind Nine Inch Nails, has caused a stir with the release of the new NIN album ‘Ghosts I-IV‘. True to recent form (including berating record labels over pricing of NIN product and encouraging fans at … Continue reading

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The problem with AIR

I got carried away last night commenting on this Read/Write Web post about 6 new Adobe AIR apps.  For anyone unfamiliar, AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime (so that’s Adobe Adobe Integrated Runtime, really) is Adobe’s effort at bringing Rich Internet … Continue reading

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Virtual time – the trap of social networking

Socialising and networking takes time. A lot of time.  The more friends you have, the more time you need. There are phone calls, emails, letters (honest-to-god by hand, on paper letters – they do exist – look it up if … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Yahoo: did anyone actually see it coming?

It’s interesting that for years there have been rumours that Microsoft and Yahoo were destined for some sort of arrangement, whether it be a formal partnership, merger or good ol’ fashioned buy out.  The first link goes back to 2006 … Continue reading

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