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How to host and stream your own mp3s with JW media player

Note: this tutorial was for version 3.15 of JWPlayer. It is now up to v4.2. The customisation wizard may or may not work with v3.15. An older version of this post demonstrated the customisation by changing colors. However, that code … Continue reading

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Trent Reznor does it again

I’ve got a guest post up at sarahintampa.com (the blog of Grand Effect and ReadWriteWeb writer Sarah Perez) on the new Nine Inch Nails release The Slip and how Trent Reznor continues to lead the way in ‘music 2.0’. Over … Continue reading

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Has Radiohead missed the point?

Radiohead has once again hit the headlines with an ‘innovative’ new media way of promoting the band and the music. They have broken down their latest single ‘Nude’ into 5 stems (vocal, guitar, bass, drums, the rest) and made each … Continue reading

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