About TechWhimsy
Welcome to TechWhimsy.com.  Don’t expect to see the news broken here – there are much better places than here for scoops and live-blogged conference events (places with staff and revenue and time on their hands).

TechWhimsy is a place for considered ideas, current events in review and explorations of how to do things not just because you need to but just because you can.

TechWhimsy is based in Australia, allowing it to have a perspective that is broader than the sometimes self-involved technology centre of Silicon Valley and southern California.

I’m always open to new things so if you have any ideas you want considered, events reviewed or senseless geekery explored, email me at shane@techwhimsy.com.

About Shane
I’m a mild mannered public servant by day and a mild mannered father and husband by night.  I am doing post-graduate coursework study on Information Technology, which takes up almost all of the free time that isn’t taken up by public servanting, fathering or husbanding.

TechWhimsy is a labour of love and sometimes it will get neglected.  That is just the reality of life.

I can be found many places around the web. However, the best place to find me is on Twitter (@smperris).