The Telstra network

I’m supposed to be reviewing the Telstra NextG network as part of this Telstra Social Review thing.

It works damn near everywhere. Every time I compare the Mozart on NextG next to my iPhone on the 3 network, the Telstra network always appears to be stronger (for what that’s worth anyway, given bars of reception are a visual representation easily tweaked to make the network look good).

I haven’t had to think about the network at all. It just bloody works, even in places I wouldn’t expect it to (like in my elevators at work). The fact I rarely even think about it is testament in and of itself.

I have already used a Telstra pre-paid SIM while travelling for work. This review process has cemented in my mind a need to swap away from the dire coverage of Vodafone and 3, and switch across to Telstra. What once looked expensive no longer seems too bad. The price for actual “always on” connectivity is starting to look like one worth paying.

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3 Responses to The Telstra network

  1. Steven says:

    Move to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and you’ll see the weaknesses of Telstra. The only network that seems to have consistent and strong coverage is Vodafone.

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