The Week that Was – DRM (in verse!)

Yahoo! is rumoured to soon set the DRM shackles free. successfully did, but you can only hear tracks by three.
The media was so pumped up it ignored imeem
who a month ago convinced the Big 4 to stream.

Amazon shows downloads have already been done
Unless you’re outside the US where iTunes is the one
And that’s only if you like the roster of EMI.
Anything else is just pie in the sky.

Qtrax is trialling legal P2P and
Peter Gabriel’s support keeps We7 tracks free.
Saul Williams gave it away for a while, as did Radiohead
While David Byrne offered up other models for artists to try instead.

Yet Universal doesn’t know how to find a geek.
Warner wants to sue because Seeqpod can seek.
SonyBMG clings to old business plans.
It’s no wonder music sales are going down the can.


Photo credit: Eliminate DRM! by baughj

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