How to stream mp3s with Yahoo Media Player

A nod of the head to Amit at Digital Inspiration for pointing me in the right direction for the Yahoo Media Player with his post “How to embed mp3 audio files in web pages”.

There are two versions to the Yahoo Media Player – a javascript based version and a Flash based version.

For the javascript version, first you need to link to the file. For example:

<a href=”″>31_Ghosts_IV</a> which looks like:


Then, you insert the javascript for the media player somewhere on the page:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

After that, a little ‘play’ button should appear next to your media file link. Click the button and the player launches.

This method has occasionally been reported to not work on self-hosted WordPress blogs like this one. To get the Yahoo Media Player to work in WordPress if the above method hasn’t worked, try inserting the script tag in your header file.

You will also notice that off to the left hand side is the miniaturised version of the player which you can also launch just by clicking on it.

Using Yahoo Media Flash Player

Yahoo also offer a Flash player with a handy Yahoo flash player configurator at You plug in the url of the page or file, choose some options such as colour, size, autoplay or rounded corners and it will generate the Flash embed code for you. My configured player looks like this:

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5 Responses to How to stream mp3s with Yahoo Media Player

  1. ketesha says:

    how do i put songs on my cricket phone

  2. shane says:

    Hi Ketesha,

    Sorry to take so long with this answer but I had no idea what a cricket phone was so I had to look it up. It seems that it all depends on what type of handset you have with Cricket. The Cricket support FAQ might have the information you need – How do I use the MP3 functionality on my phone?

    Hope that helps.

  3. David says:

    hi i help my older sister run this forum and neither of us knows how to embed music players, we have trouble inserting javascript or dynamically inserting them

  4. Shane Perris says:

    Hi David, I’ve looked into it a bit and all I can think of is that the forum software either doesn’t include the ability to insert javascript or Flash OR it is a setting that is sensibly turned off for security reasons (you don’t want any old person coming to your site and randomly inserting javascript – that will inevitably lead to your site being exploited by spammers or worse).

    If you like, email me the details of the version of forum software you are using and I can look into it a little bit more (my email details are on the “About” page).

  5. Peter says:

    Unfortunately Yahoo are discontinuing the web/media player this weekend.

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