Common platforms are a good thing. Right?

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Adobe AIR for Linux beta released (

I can see the attraction of developing from a known baseline that is guaranteed to work, look and feel exactly the same across different platforms. One set of bugs to fix, one set of UI changes to make, only one lot of updates to push live. Less development time + potentially wider user base = WIN, surely. But does that always hold true?



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Review: Bigpond Music DRM-free mp3s

(Note: all prices in this post refer to Australian dollars)

(Note 2: This review has taken nearly a month from purchase to publication. Some features may have changed in the meantime that I wasn’t aware of. If that is the case please feel free to let me know in the comments)

While US residents have had access to the Amazon mp3 store for some time now, the rest of the world has been starved of access to DRM-free, high quality music downloads. Here in Australia consumers looking for DRM-free downloads have been restricted to those available via iTunes (essentially selections from the EMI back catalogue).  On 13 August 2008, all that changed as Bigpond Music launched its mp3 store. Continue reading

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Why digital TV adoption rates are low in Australia

Dead TV

(Update at the bottom of the post)

The analogue TV signal in Australia will be switched off by 2013. This means that everyone without a digital tuner will suddenly find themselves free of broadcast television.  The date for the switch over has been shifted several times as politicians remained convinced that the digital TV (DTV) adoption rates were so low that it would be a disaster if the signal was turned off as scheduled. I remember when the switch over was going to be sometime in 2005, then 2008, and now it will begin by 2011 and be completed by 2013. Continue reading

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Do I really want my attention managed?

With information overload comes a desire to manage time and increasingly managing attention as well.

Untethered technology gives us the freedom to do nearly anything, anytime, anywhere. It can also enslave us – we feel compelled to use it where ever it is. Technology is neutral. How, when and where we use it is up to us

– Linda Stone, “Is it time to retire the never ending list?” (Huffington Post)

What is attention management?

distracted There are two different concepts that are often referred to as “attention management” – one I’m not going to write about (mainly because I’m still researching what it means and its implications for my daily existence) and one I am going to write about. Continue reading

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On information overload

Over the last few months I have witnessed a steadily growing stream of writers declaring news feed, blogging and/or social media bankruptcy, citing such things as information overload, hobbies becoming ‘work’ or even the fact that so many people on the internet can be jerks about such small things.  Maybe you’re like Sarah Perez who wrote “Taking a breather from social media? Maybe we’re doing it wrong?”  Perhaps you’re more like Robert Scoble, who wrote in “Has/how/why tech blogging has failed you” that the joy of geeking out on tech walked out at around the same time everyone got obsessed by the business side of things.  Or, you might have sympathy for the views of Jason Calacanis who tired of the haters and ‘officially’ retired from blogging (Jason’s scheming something, I’m sure of it). Continue reading

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Are Google Reader shared items the new

deliciouslogo Since its debut in 2004, has been the market standard for social bookmarks.  Its reputation was further enhanced in late 2005 when it was acquired by Yahoo!.  Social bookmarking was going places.  It wasn’t that long ago that every second blog (particularly in the tech niches) had some type of widget in a sidebar somewhere.  Sometimes it was a simple list of the latest bookmarks the blog author had while other times it was a tag cloud of recently added items.  Either way, seemed to be around every corner. Continue reading

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Why internet TV is failing and torrents are winning

I understand that content owners have licensing agreements around the world and feel that they can’t open up television programs globally to protect the financial investment of various regional licensees.

However, content owners, you need to understand that if you deny people a way to legally access your product simply on the basis of geographic location, they will get it anyway without you. Continue reading

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Google spam?


(click picture to embiggen)

Apparently, no one is safe from the Google spam filter.

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Google and Jaiku

I recently wrote another guest piece for Sarah Perez:

Stocktake time. Despite the fact that Jaiku has everything that the hottest 2.0 properties have, all tied up on one neat basket, Google has failed to get any mindshare at all amongst users and developers. Unless Google has some fiendishly cunning plan for world domination, it really looks like they’ve dropped the ball here.

Click through to read the rest of Google dropped the ball on Jaiku at Sarah’s site, Sarah in Tampa.

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Almost famous

I had the pleasure of corresponding with Thord Daniel Hedengren this week and the end result is yours truly is this week’s featured blogger atThord’s excellent Blogger Talks.


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