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Oh oh oh, Amadeus…

So, the information is out in the public domain. I’ve dusted the cobwebs off TechWhimsy because I have been selected to be a “social reviewer” as part of the Australian telco Telstra’s Social Review program. This time, the phone under … Continue reading

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Blowing off the cobwebs

There’s a lot of dust on this dank and mildewy piece of web real estate. The cobwebs are coming off for a reason that will be a lot of fun for me. Something wicked this way comes…

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Migration in progress

If things go flaky in the next few days, I’m in the process of moving TechWhimsy from GoDaddy to Media Temple. So if you find things missing or comments disabled, don’t panic. In theory this should be somewhat painless. Things … Continue reading

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Slacktivism: you get the engagement you deserve

Slacktivism: n. 1. halfhearted activism. (Wikitionary see also Slacktivism on Wikipedia) At the recent Digital Citizens event “Social media for social good”, many worthwhile and interesting  issues were discussed that revolved around how Not For Profits (NFPs) could use social … Continue reading

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Is the iPad the gateway to the smart house of the future?

Some of the most memorable moments of future computing in sci-fi film emphasise ease of use rather than raw power, features and hackability. Think “enhance” in Bladerunner… (sorry about the quality) or the classic touch user interface in the Minority … Continue reading

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Social media allows us to make many connections but are they meaningful ones? From personal experience, more than ever before we can make new social connections and befriend people over a wide range of distance, culture and beliefs. I now … Continue reading

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Who gains the most from your lifestream?

“Lifestreaming” was all the rage several years ago. Services like Jaiku, Second|Brain and FriendFeed cropped up and allowed people to centralise notifications of their online activities. Harnessing the technology of Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs) from various web services, it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the iPad

This is mainly just to get ideas out of my brain and onto a page somewhere for my future reference. It’s this or talk to my wife about it and at least on the internet I can pretend I can’t … Continue reading

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I love typography

I have a love/hate relationship with typography. I love how good a well designed font looks on the page or on the screen. I love how the spaces between letters mean as much as the letters themselves. I love how … Continue reading

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Don’t blame technology for your lack of self-control

News sites. RSS feeds. Email. Microblogging. Social networks. BitTorrent. iView (or Hulu or BBC iPlayer). Time sinks, each and every one of them, providing as much or as little value to your daily existence as you are prepared to let … Continue reading

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